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Welcome to the Lars Gullin Society Website. Here you will find information about Lars Gullin and the society. For now we only have these presentation in the Swedish language, only this page is in English. Under the different menus above you will find different topics like:

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 “Om Lars Gullin” – About Lars Gullin – a short biography

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”Noter/arr” – Sheet  music, compositions

“Gullinpriset” – The Lars Gullin Prize – the prize is awarded annually to musicians who carry on Gullin´s musical spirits

“Sällskapet” – The Lars Gullin Society

“Forum” – comments and articles from fans and members of the society


Lars Gullin 1928-1976

A unique innovator in Swedish jazz.

Lars Gullin, composer, arranger and baritone saxophonist is Sweden´s best known jazz musician through ages.

He was a major personality and innovator and in his playing, he brought a new dimension into jazz.

Both his compositions and his superbly fluent baritone saxophone playing possessed a very beautiful Nordic, romantic sound tinged with melancholy. He composed jazz, choral music and classical music. Lars Gullin is regarded by many to be the last of national romantics.

When he died at 48 years of age, he left a legacy of more than 120 compositions and 450 recorded melodies and, besides that, hundreds of hours of fabulous private and radio/TV recordings from all over Europe.

Lars Gullin played with most of the major international jazz artists. He played and lived for long periods in most of the western European countries and has often been described as “The Great European”.

His music lives on, as strong and as committed as at any time previously. It is played and sung both by those who were around at the time and by subsequent generations of jazz musicians and singers. It is in the hearts of all of us who have benefit over many years of being able to live with it and listen to it.

The Lars Gullin Society

The Society is dedicated to Gullin`s music. The purpose is to the tending and dissemination of his music. This site is a part of our activities. We annually award one composer or musician to the Gullinprize. Among other things we encourage the arranging of concerts of Gullin`s music in Jazz clubs, music schools and jazz group to perform and disseminate his music.

Members of the Society are musicians, producers and above all regular fans of Lars Gullin´s music.

Our research goes on to find air-checks and concert recordings. We do welcome any Gullin-related information you might have. If you have any questions please contact us –

Chet Baker on Lars Gullin

“The only baritone player that I was aware of was Gerry Mulligan. When I heard Lars, I thought, Jesus, there is another way of playing the baritone! Lars played with a lot more fire and a lot more authority in some ways than Gerry did”.

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